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Welcome to Sheppard Buses*

Circa 1919, Middleton Sheppard, blacksmith, inventor, and school bus body builder, contracted school bus transportation. This service was carried on by Middleton's son, Milton Sheppard. Upon Milton's death in 1954, Kenneth Sheppard, second cousin, bought the Sheppard operating authorities and used greyhound motor coach to establish a charter business.

Before Milton's acquisition, Kenneth Sheppard had already started in pupil transportation with the local Board of Education in 1952. In the following years, Sheppard Bus services supplied pupil transportation to local private and public institutions including extracurricular activities. Through the mid-80's, the company maintained a fleet of one hundred school buses and three motor coaches.

In 1989, Laidlaw Transit acquired the pupil transportation contracts of Sheppard Bus service. After the acquisition Kenneth Sheppard continued his charter business with three motor coaches and two school buses.

In 1991, John Sheppard, son, joined the charter business, which consisted of five buses. By the mid 1990's, the charter business quickly expanded to nineteen motor coaches and the school bus operation emerged through the competitive bid process.

At present, Sheppard Bus Service is operates over three hundred vehicles in the five New Jersey counties and continues charter operations in the 48 continental United States.

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